How to presell products on Selz

If you want to hold a pre-sale or pre-order of a product in your store, here's what we suggest:

  • Create an item listing and choose the item type (digital, physical or service)
  • List the item as a pre-sale / pre-order item by adding these details into the title and description of the item

Pre-Selling Physical Products

If the item you want to pre-sell is a physical item, you would need to include:

  • How the buyer will receive their product on the launch date. This information should always be listed explicitly in your title and description so there is no confusion.

Pre-Selling Digital Products

If it's a digital product you want to pre-sell, it's even easier: upload a PDF or other easy-to-open file type that includes the details of the pre-order. We would suggest including:

  • Launch date
  • When to expect the book
  • How the product will be received

When the launch date arrives, update that item file with the file (e.g. your ebook file). Then, choose to update all previous buyers.

It's a bit more manual, but it does the job and we see sellers do it with success.

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