How to presell products

We do not currently have a pre-order or pre-sale feature, but if you want to hold a pre-sale or pre-order of a product in your store, we suggest that you list your new product as a pre-sale or pre-order by adding these details into the title and description of the product:

Pre-sell physical products

Pre-sell digital products

For a refresher on how to add a product to your store, click here.

Pre-sell physical products

If you want to pre-sell a physical product, you would need to include:

  • How the buyer will receive their product on the launch date
  • Any other relevant instructions about what the buyer should do as part of the pre-sale process

This information should always be listed explicitly in your title and description so there is no confusion.

Pre-sell digital products

If you want to pre-sell a physical product, you will need to: 

1. Upload a PDF or other easy-to-open file type that includes the details of the pre-order. 

We would suggest including the following in your PDF:

  • Launch date
  • When to expect the digital product
  • How the digital product will be received (email, link, etc.)

2. When the launch date arrives, update that product with the new file (e.g. your new eBook) 

3. Choose to update all pre-sell buyers

We're exploring adding pre-sale functionality going forward, but this workaround will help you do any pre-sales you like. 

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