Using the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) feature

If you have a large inventory and track your products using a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), our SKU feature can help.

  •  SKU can be added to any item whether it's a physical, digital or service item
  • You can choose to display the SKU on the product details page that your customers see, or you can keep it off so it's only seen internally 

How to add an SKU to your products

  1. From your dashboard, click on Items > All
  2. Next, find a product you want to add your SKU to by clicking on Options > Edit or create a new item by clicking on Add an item and follow the prompts
  3. On your item details page, the SKU can be added just below pricing
  4. Update your product details page and Save

Showing the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) on the product details page

If you want the product details page your customers see to display the item SKU, the SKU can be enabled in your store settings: 

  1. Go to Settings > Store from the left nav of your dashboard
  2. Check the box and click Save
  • Enabling the SKU option will display your SKU number on any product that has an SKU number
  • If you don't want the SKU to display on your item, keep the SKU option disabled on the Store Options page
  • Once the SKU is enabled in your Store Settings, the SKU will display on the item page where your customer makes their purchase

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