How to use 2Checkout with Selz

Depending on your location, 2Checkout can be enabled as a payment gateway on your store. 2Checkout is not available in all countries, so please review the list of countries where 2Checkout operates.

Before creating a new 2Checkout account you must do these things:
  1. Add all your items with full descriptions and images to your Selz Store or website.
  2. Show your contact details on your Selz store or website.
  3. Add a refund policy (you can see a great example here) and a privacy policy (a great example here) to your Selz store or website.
  4. Get your government ID ready to supply to 2Checkout.

Once you've done these four things, follow the steps below.

1. Sign into your Selz account and go to Settings > Checkout. In the 2Checkout section select Enable.

2. Log into your 2Checkout account or create a 2Checkout account if you don't already have one.

  • Go to Account > Site management and ensure that Demo is set to Parameter of OFF:

3. Go to Account > Site management and check that your secret word is set. Your secret word will be auto-generated and unique to your account.

 4. Go to the Webhooks > Settings and ensure that all notifications are enabled and in the Global URL space add "" then click Apply

5. Go to Account > User management

In the 'Access' area select  API Access and API Updating, Then create a username and password before selecting 'Create Username'. 

You are going to add this username and password to your Selz Checkout > 2Checkout Details page later.

6.  Go to the API tab 

Generate your API keys from the 2Checkout  API tab. You are going to enter those API details in your Selz Checkout > 2Checkout details page later.

Once your 2Checkout account has been approved and configured with your Selz store, you'll be able to start taking credit card payments from your customers.

Creating a new 2Checkout account

1. Sign into your Selz account and go to Settings > Checkout.

If 2Checkout is available in your area it will display 2Checkout as a payment gateway. Select the Enable button under 2Checkout and then the Create 2Checkout Account button.

2. Follow the instructions to create your 2Checkout account.

3. Continue filling out, and submitting, your application for review. 2Checkout takes 2 to 5 business days to review your application:Once you submit your application, move onto configuring your 2Checkout account and Selz account as shown above.

Fees for using 2Checkout

Using 2Checkout with Selz is a free feature.

As a special introductory offer, we are charging no Transaction Fees on 2Checkout sales. Once this offer expires we will notify all sellers.

2Checkout charges its own processing fees depending on your location and account type. Check with 2Checkout to find out your processing fees.

Please note: If you are taking payment with 2Checkout, your customer's billing address is required.

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