Payments FAQ

Our platform offers makes it simple to collect payments and price your products for rapid business growth.

Let’s start with some of our most frequently asked questions.

What payment gateways do you support?

We currently support two payment gateways. The best payment gateway for you depends on the country you are in. Check out this list of all the countries supported by our payment gateways.

Selz Pay

Selz Pay is our own payment gateway. Here is a full list of countries supported by Selz Pay.


You can use PayPal on any of our paid plans to process all major cards as well as PayPal payments. Read more about PayPal here.


Selz accepts payments from existing Stripe accounts. You can learn more about how to set it up here

Do you support recurring payments or subscriptions?

We know that recurring payments and subscriptions are important to you! We have plans to develop recurring payments/subscriptions in the future, although there's no time frame for that quite yet. 

How do I set up a Pay What You Want (PWYW) item?

Setting up a 'Pay What You Want' item is a great way to infuse a trust-based relationship with your audience, removes the difficulty of figuring out the 'right price', and can also lead to more, and higher, sales.

Here's how to set up Pay What You Want (PWYW) on your item:

  • In the product creation or editing page, check the Pay What You Want box. Set the minimum price you want for your item in the usual price field. Keep in mind that the price has to be at least $0.99. 
  • When a buyer purchases your product they will have the option to pay any amount higher than the price you’ve specified
  • The regular fees still apply to any PWYW items

How do I block specific countries or zones?

You can use this feature if there are specific countries or zones you wish to not sell your products to.

To block specific countries or zones:

  1. Log into your account, then click on Settings > Digital and select the countries or zones you wish to block. Once set up, this will stop someone from the restricted location from being able to purchase your products.
  2. Click on Save

Important: If you are thinking about excluding the EU, remember that you’re giving up on 507,000,000 potential customers! 

It’s worth pointing out that for EU-based sellers, EU single market rules forbid discrimination between service recipients because of where they live or their nationality.

I’m buying/selling in the EU, what is the PSD2?

The Payment Services Directive is a new regulatory requirement that is soon-to-be-implemented in the European Economic Area (EEA). These new regulations have been put into place to try and increase fraud protection for those who are buying from vendors and selling to customers in the EEA. 

PSD2 will further regulate the payment industry in the EEA, and one of the things coming online this year is more protections for online shoppers who use debit or credit cards. The main pillar of these new regulations is having Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

What is SCA? Does your platform support it? 

SCA stands for Strong Customer Authentication. Basically, if a customer is making an online purchase using a credit or debit card, SCA regulations will now likely require them to use two forms of authentication--for instance, a PIN and a code sent to their mobile device (similar to a method many banking institutions already use).

Customers will be required to enter this information only when it’s required, facilitated by a technology called 3D Secure (3DS). 

Selz Pay is currently using 3DS but only when the card issuer requires it so we can maximize user convenience. Selz Pay is SCA compliant and optimized for maximum convenience, and our platform supports PayPal, which will as well. 

What is 3D Secure Checkout (3DS)?

3D Secure (3DS) is the actual method by which payment information is kept secure. Sites and processors that are recognized as 3DS will have additional protection against fraud. The security layer creates secure links between the issuer (credit or debit card bank/company), the acquiring bank, and the payment system (gateway).

Selz Pay and Paypal will all support 3DS, and any payments made by those will be compliant using our platform. 

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