Custom Receipts

This is a paid feature. Custom Receipts are included in the Standard & Advanced plan only.

Want to spiff up the order confirmation emails that the platform sends out post-purchase? The Custom Receipts feature is great for inviting your buyers to come back, buy a top item, or to just send them to your website.

With Custom Receipts, you can:

  • Add your own copy in the subject line & body content; perfect for upselling specific items and adding a personal flair to your business
  • Provide a discount code that only previous buyers receive, which is great for tracking repeat buyers
  • Add external links to your website, your shop, or to your blog to keep your buyers interested in your product
  • Send test emails to up to 5 email addresses to check for accuracy, working links, and editing
  • Toggle on 'Include Top Items' and we will automatically pull your best selling items and add to the bottom of your email

Customizing your Custom Receipts is simple. 

  • Log into your account
  • Click on Settings > Emails > Custom Receipts
  • Start editing the Custom Receipt email and click Save when you're done. You can also test out the email to ensure it links to the right places and displays how you want.

We will automatically display:

  • The order details, including order confirmation number
  • The discount code if switched on
  • Shipping address for physical items
  • Your business name
  • Items purchased
  • Item price

This Custom Receipt is what all customers will receive post-purchase regardless of the product purchased, so be sure to include anything and everything you want them to do or know.

A custom subject line and body content can increase your sales by offering a specific discount and showing your top items. Buyers love having an experience tailored to them, so be sure to keep the 'Buyer Name' tag included in your Custom Receipt template.

Tailor your Custom Receipts to what your buyers need to know and how to grow your relationship with them. Think about including any external links to your own website if you have one, your blog, or your social media accounts. It's also a great space to update buyers on upcoming events, workshops, or other items they may be interested in.

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