I've stopped receiving order confirmation emails from you. What should I do?

If order confirmation notifications stopped arriving in your inbox, there are a few things you can do to start receiving them again. 

  • Check the email address on file for your account by going to  Settings > General from your Selz dashboard and then search that email inbox for emails from noreply@selz.com
  • Your email provider may have flagged emails from noreply@selz.com as spam. To rectify this, add noreply@selz.com to your safe sender's list.
  • Log back into your Selz account, then click on  Settings > Notifications. Switch everything off, then click Save. Then, turn everything on again and click Save.
  • Check your Spam and Trash folders. Sometimes order confirmation emails get diverted there.
  • Using a custom domain in your email address? Ask your host if they are blocking emails from noreply@selz.com
  • Ensure that your mailbox is not full. Contact your email provider to ensure that we're not being blocked as spam.

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