Selz Shared Responsbility


Security and Compliance is a shared responsibility between Selz and the merchant. This shared model can help relieve the merchant’s operational burden as Selz operates, manages and controls the software and infrastructure components from the user interface to the database and servers. The merchant assumes responsibility and management of data and security from products to password security and permissions given to users and third-party apps. 

Selz Responsibility

Selz is responsible for providing the infrastructure to deliver the Selz platform. This infrastructure is composed of data storage, servers and hosting to allow the merchant to deliver their ecommerce store to customers. Selz is responsible for the software that allows the merchant to manage and maintain their ecommerce store. This is composed of the user interface, payment gateway integrations and API interfaces. 

Merchant Responsibility

Merchants are responsible for the management of their account data. This is composed of order, customer, product and inventory data. Merchants are responsible for the sharing of any account data with third parties. Merchants are responsible for the management and maintenance of themes and assets that are utilized within their online store. Merchants are responsible for the security of the store and account. This is composed of passwords to access their Selz account and the roles and permissions that are granted to third parties to access their account and data. 

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