How to bulk edit products

We now support bulk editing your products. With this feature, you can edit multiple items at once. 

What can I bulk edit?

Here are the fields you can bulk edit:

  • Name
  • Price
  • Currency
  • Category
  • Inventory
  • Shipping weight
  • Shipping unit
  • SKU
  • Barcode

How to use the bulk editor

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to the left navigation panel of your dashboard, click Items > All
  3. Go through and select the checkboxes for the items you want to edit:

  4. Make sure "edit" is selected in the top menu, and click the arrow pointing to the right
  5. Make the changes to your products, and click "Save" when you're done!

Finally, if there are any errors in your bulk editing, they will be displayed in the rightmost column.

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