Instagram Shopping

This feature is available for users with our 2019 Basic, Standard, and Advanced plans.

What is Selling on Instagram?

Instagram is an exciting platform for ecommerce. You can now directly tag products within your Facebook Shop on your Instagram posts, all facilitated by us. Users will be able to go directly to your store without ever leaving Instagram. 

What are the requirements?

  • You must have a Facebook Shop set up and enabled. You’ll also need to have a catalog of products set up so you can find and tag products. 
  • You must have an Instagram Business account. Here’s how to start one.
  • You need to connect your Instagram business account and Facebook business page

How does it work?

Instagram will connect to your Facebook shop, which will enable you to directly tag items in your catalog in Instagram posts, all within the native Instagram environment. 

When users are browsing their feeds, they’ll see icons on your posts that will indicate that they can shop for those items. Tapping the icons will show product names and prices, as well as offering up additional information like descriptions, photos, and a link to your store page. 

Keep in mind that you can only tag 5 items per post currently.

How to set it up

1. Go to Marketplaces Instagram

2. Confirm your store meets the necessary requirements (see above)

3. Connect to Facebook by clicking "Connect," and then follow the prompts. You may need to create a Business account, which you can do from the dashboard as well. 

We are unable to check your Instagram account details, so there is no indicator (checkmark) to show if you have an Instagram Business account, if it is linked to your Facebook Business page, or if/when you've been approved for Instagram.

4. Once you're approved, your store's Facebook Shop product catalog will be available for tagging in your Instagram posts

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