Getting started with staff accounts

This feature is available for users with our 2019 Basic, Standard, and Advanced plans.

Using our Staff Accounts feature, you can set account permissions for each staff member. This feature also restricts access to sensitive information and helps you keep track of changes made on your account. 

The number of staff accounts available varies based on your paid plan.

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How to create a new staff account

Staff account setup

A staff member can have one of the following levels of permissions

Store Owner

Allows unlimited access to all sections of the dashboard. By default, the store owner is the user that created the original account. All emails sent to customers are from the store's email address which is defaulted to the owner's email address but can be changed within store settings. 


Allows edit access to all sections of a store, apart from the sensitive account or financial information under plans and billing.


Allows read-only access to most sections of your store with no access to billing, statements, team settings and store customization. Staff members still have the ability to refund orders, update personal settings and analyze metrics. 

How to create a new staff account

  1. Log in to your account
  2. From your dashboard go to Settings > Team
  3. From this page, click Add
  4. Invite the staff member by entering their email address and set their role as either staff or admin. The staff member will receive an email invitation to sign up. 
  5. You can come back to this page to add or revoke access to staff members at any time.

Staff account setup

  1. Click the Accept invite link in the invitation email
  2. On the staff account setup page, complete the form with the following:
    • Email address
    • First name and last name
    • Password
  3. Click Sign up
  4. If the staff member has access to multiple stores, they’ll see a store dropdown in the top left of the dashboard against the current store name

If a store account is deactivated or downgraded, the connected staff accounts will also be removed. Store owners will need to re-invite staff upon reactivation.

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