Setting up your Sitemap

Stores on the platform generate a sitemap.xml file automatically. A sitemap lists web pages (URL or the address of the page) such as blog, products etc. It’s basically a way for search engines like Google and Bing to scan your web pages quickly and get a sense of the content contained there, which is how it knows to show your store in specific search results. 

You can submit your sitemap to Google Search Console yourself. This ensures that your site can be easily crawled and indexed by Google. Google will index your site automatically 2-3 days after you make any changes.

While you can't make Google re-index your site, you can ask them to do so by using Google Search Console. Google doesn't index all of the pages on a site. Learn more about what to expect when your site is indexed from the Google Search Console Help.

Find your sitemap

You can find your sitemap.xml at the root directory of your store's primary domain name; i.e.

The sitemap file is generated automatically and links to your products, collections, blogs, and web pages. Every time you add a new webpage, product, collection, image, or blog post to your store, your sitemap.xml is updated.

How to verify your site with Google

Bre you submit your sitemap to Google Search Console, you need to verify your site with Google.

This essentially involves pasting a piece of code from Google into your store and then following the rest of the verification steps through Google.

  • Start by entering the site URL here and clicking ADD PROPERTY.
  • In the Verify ownership modal, scroll down to HTML tag
  • Copy the meta tag, then go to your account
  • Click the Stores dropdown, then Settings and go to the advanced tab
  • Paste the meta tag into the HTML Head section, go back to the Google Search Console and click Verify.

How to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console

Once you’ve verified your site with Google, you can submit your sitemap via the Google Search Console to make sure that your site can be crawled and indexed by Google. Note: clearing your cache can solve common issues and is recommended before you start.

  • Go to Google Search Console and click the name of your site
  • On the left-hand side of the page, click Sitemaps
  • Enter sitemap in the dialogue box that appears and click Submit
  • You’ll see a little success marker when it’s done

The time taken by Google to index your site can vary. If you have questions or need help troubleshooting, visit Google Search Console’s help page.

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