Exporting, changing and deleting Customer Data

New GDPR Tools for Selz merchants

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018. The regulation makes significant changes to how companies and individuals can use and process personal data and it impacts everyone doing business in the EU.

Selz has always been committed to following the world’s best standards for data privacy and we’re likewise committed to complying with the GDPR. We’re also committed to helping our merchants comply, so we’ve released a set of new tools to help with GDPR compliance. For more information on GDPR and how you might be affected,  see Selz’s commitment to the GDPR.

This post explains some of the implications of the GDPR and the updates we have released to address them. It’s for informational purposes only and isn’t a substitute for legal advice. If you’re unsure about your obligations under the GDPR we encourage you to take professional legal advice.

Data Subjects’ Rights

The GDPR expands the rights of data subjects, in this case, the customers whose personal data you collect. These rights include the right to access their data, to rectify their data, to request the erasure of their data and to port their data. We have released the following new features which will allow you to process these requests:

Exporting Customer Data

Your Customer view now includes the option to export customer data, with the click of a button.  A CSV file will be emailed to your account, containing the personal data of the customer(s) included in the filtered view.  You can choose to export one or many customers at once. If a customer requests a copy of their data, you can simply export that customer from the filtered view and provide them with the CSV file.  

Changing Customer Data

A customer record can be edited by clicking the ‘Edit’ button.  

Deleting Customer Data

A customer record can be deleted by clicking the ‘Delete’ button.  PLEASE NOTE: deleting customer data is irreversible. By clicking, you will be permanently deleting all personal data (first name, last name, and address and billing information). You will retain order information, including, date, amount, and email address, but you will no longer be able to see the personal data of your customer.

We encourage all merchants to seek legal and accounting advice, in particular with regards to record-keeping for tax compliance prior to deleting any customer data.

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