How to work with Selz as an Agency Partner

We really value the role of agencies. We work with agencies every day to help them build their business using Selz as a platform for their client solutions. Our values in dealing with agencies are responsiveness, non-competition, and shared incentives. 

If you are an agency fulfilling client briefs, we would love to hear from you. This article tells you how to get started as a Selz Agency Partner.

Get started

Once you've created your Selz account you should apply to switch to a partner account. Email us at and tell us just a little bit about you, your business and a client solution you're working on. 

Build your client store

With access to our full e-commerce tools, you can start to build your client's store. Choose a theme, create pages and load in products to get started. You'll get full partner access for 2 months whilst you build your client's store.

Go live

Once your client's store is configured and ready to go live, ensure you sign them up for a Selz plan


Switch the account email to your client's email to handover the online store.

Affiliate program

To ensure you get rewarded for your referrals ensure you sign up for the  Selz Affiliate Program. There are special rates for Agency Partners and we'll talk to you about those once you have made contact.


We regularly pass leads onto our Agency Partners. The more we know about you and the kind of work you do, the easier it is for us to pass you work.

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