Making apps for Selz

Our merchants are always looking for new integrations and new apps. If you have an existing app and would like to integrate with Selz, or you would like to sell your app through our App Store, we would like to hear from you.

Our Developer Partner program gives developers tools, support and revenue opportunities. By joining our Developer Partner program and using our API, you can integrate or sell two types of third-party

App types:

  1. Custom app: Use the Selz API to create an app that is specific for a client
  2. Selz App Store: Build an app and market it in the Selz App Store

Getting started

Visit developer settings within your Selz account to access all developer related tools. Here you can generate an API key, configure webhooks and submit an app for the Selz App Store. 

Developer account

To switch your Selz account to a developer account, email us at Tell us a little bit about your proposed app and business. 

Building your app

To create your app within Selz visit developer settings and select 'Add application'. 

Full API documentation can be found here


Once your app has been developed you can move onto testing. We will participate in this to make sure your app is working correctly.

App Store

If you want to submit your app for publishing within the Selz App Store, you need to enable 'App Store' within the app details. 

Additional details are required for App Store submission including screenshots, list of features etc. Please complete all details and submit. 

Once submitted, our app team will review your application. 

If approved, your app will be published within the Selz App Store in Beta status. Apps remain in this status for approx one month, this is to ensure your app is running smoothly and any issues have been resolved. 


To be approved for the Selz App Store, Selz is required to be added to your affiliate program. This is provided as part of the 'Application URL' which should contain Selz as the referrer. Email us at for further details. 

Cross Promotion

If you are interested in cross-promotion of your app, email us at and let us know what you're thinking. We regularly promote third-party apps that we think our community of merchants will be interested in.

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