Getting started with Shippo

If you are on the Selz Advanced plan, you now have the option to connect your Selz account to your Shippo account.

Shippo features 

  • Generate, buy and print shipping labels for your Selz orders
  • Automatically sync new orders from your Selz store to Shippo
  • Send your customers email notifications
  • Purchase insurance for your packages
  • Create return shipping labels 

Steps to get started

  1. Head to your and click on Settings > Shipping and click on Labels and Fulfilment
  2. You will now see the option to connect your shippo account. Click Connect.
  3. Create a Shippo account on or log in to your existing Shippo account on the page that pops up. Click 'Allow Access.'
  4. When the connection is successful, you will be directed back to your Selz dashboard and a successful notification will be displayed
  5. Now head back to and click on My Shippo Dashboard to manage all future orders. You will now have the option to print labels and handle other settings within Shippo

How does it work?

When a customer completes a purchase through your Selz shop, the order information is synced to your Shippo account. Selz sends the product name, price, cost to ship and shipping method to Shippo automatically. You (the merchant) can now log in to Shippo and manage label printing and order tracking all in one place! 

You will still be notified of new orders placed on your website through your Selz dashboard and via email depending on your notification preferences. Tracking/shipping notifications to your customers are all handled in your Shippo account and will not be sent through Selz. 

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