How to use Store Announcements

Display an announcement bar at the top of your online store with ease using Store Announcements. Promote your latest discount code or seasonal sale and then link to items or categories within your store. 

Get Started

  1. From your Selz dashboard, go to Store > Customize and then click on Header
  2. Enable the announcement feature
  3. Decide if you want the announcement to appear just on your homepage, or leave this option as is to display your message on every page in your store.
  4. Add your message or call to action in the text field. Here we used "Fall Sale!"
  5. Use the link section (optional) to direct your customers to a page in your store. Simply add the page as shown in the image. For this example, we will direct customers to the categories page.
  6. Adjust your background and text colors and don’t forget to save your options to see the live preview.

Need ideas for your announcement bar?

  • Promote a seasonal sale
  • Advertise an upcoming event
  • Highlight your latest product and link directly to it
  • Include a discount code or advertise free shipping
  • Let customers know your holiday hours or if there will be any shipping delays

Try to avoid adding a greeting to the store announcement bar like "Welcome" or "hi" -  save this for your About section or put it in a text block on your homepage.

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