Intro to Selz


    Welcome to Selz! So you signed up for a free 14-day trial, and now you need a little help getting started. Have no fear! We are here to support you with every step of creating, growing and scaling your business online. 

    What is Selz?

    Selz is an e-commerce platform with tons of powerful features to help you manage your business. We massively streamline the process of creating a beautiful online store or selling from an existing website using buy buttons and widgets. Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been selling online for a while, Selz provides all the tools you need for marketing and selling your products online. 

    Selz requires no programming skills and we handle all aspects of selling and getting paid. Best of all, it only takes a few moments to get set up!

    Where do I start?

    We have quite a few articles, videos, and online training to help you with everything you need:

    How can I get help? 

    Whenever you need help, just use the small purple bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen to chat with one of our awesome Customer Success team members. Feel like sending over an email instead? Use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


    Looking for a bit of light reading? Check out a few of the awesome features we offer at Selz:

    Drag and drop Store Builder

    Our "drag and drop"  online Store Builder is user-friendly and stylish so you can create a beautiful online store that matches your brand, no design or programming skill needed.

    Free website themes

    Choose one of our professional  free website themes then customize it to reflect your branding. Change colors, images, fonts, and layout with our streamlined Store Builder.

    Free SSL certificate

    Every Selz store comes with a  free SSL certificate, not just for the checkout pages like some e-commerce platforms, but for every page of your online store. Our free SSL certificates use 256-bit encryption technology, which is the industry standard for banks and other financial institutions to keep your information secure.

    Sell from your website or blog

    Add your products to your existing WordPress, Wix or other website or blog by embedding beautiful and customizable  buy buttons, widgets or your entire store. Your visitors won't have to leave your site to make a purchase.


    No need to use extra accounts or to integrate a  payment gateway. We will process all major credit cards for you, plus PayPal transactions, and pay your funds directly to your bank account.

    Automatic tax

    Automatically calculate  taxes at checkout, including US sales tax and EU VAT.

    Online Shopping cart

    Maximize your sales with our fully featured built-in  online Shopping Cart.

    Custom fields

    Easily collect extra information from your customers at the checkout including forms, checkboxes and  Terms & Conditions.

    Post-purchase redirect

    Keep your customers' attention and take them to exclusive content, custom thank you pages and more after they have completed their purchase.  Learn more here.

    Abandoned shopping cart

    Increase your sales by automatically sending  abandoned shopping cart emails to customers who have abandoned their purchases at the checkout. Send special offers and incentives to increase conversions.

    E-commerce shipping

    All the tools you need to manage  e-commerce shipping for your products, including SKUs, order notifications, shipping integrations, and refund processing.

    Real-time shipping rates

    Give your customers  real-time shipping rates and shipping options at the checkout. Connect directly with all the major shipping providers including FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Deutsche Post, Australia Post, Canada Post and more.

    Manage inventory

    Set and track your stock levels and automatically pause sales when you sell out.  Learn more here.

    SEO optimization

    Powerful  SEO optimization for your online store, with product and category specific meta tags, titles, and URLs. Don't worry- Selz does the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business.

    Unlimited hosting and unlimited bandwidth

    No hosting or bandwidth charges. Host and sell as many digital products as you want.

    Automated product updates

    Automatically email previous buyers to tell them about  updates and let them download for free. No charge to you, either.

    License keys

    Protect your products from illegal use.  Generate and issue license keys as part of the purchase process.

    Real-time sales analytics

    See where your visitors and customers came from and how they found your online store.

    Connect your favorite apps with a single click

    Connect your favorite apps with a single click. No need to mess around with complex integrations. Our app store has preconfigured 1-click integrations.  Connect with Zapier for hundreds of your favorite apps.

    Build email lists

    Connect your  MailChimpAWeber or Campaign Monitor accounts to grow your mailing lists as you sell.

    Discounts and coupons

    Reward loyalty and maintain healthy customer relationships by treating your buyers to  discounts or free shipping.

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