Selz Dashboard

After logging in to Selz, you will be directed to the Selz Dashboard. You may want to bookmark this page since you will be coming back here to handle all aspects of your business from handling customer interactions to styling your online store. 

Where do I begin?

Every time you log in to Selz, you will see your earnings, pending transfers, and customers at a glance. 

Use the left menu to go through the various sections and settings. Click through the 'General' section to check on orders, add products, customers, and discounts. Check out the 'Channels' section to customize the look of your store, add a theme, and change your domain. The 'Admin' section includes the app store, payment plans, and other important settings that you need to configure before launching your site.

As you click through the different tabs, we will provide you with a few video tutorials to watch. If you would like to watch them all at once, check them out here


Check out the latest blog posts from FounderU at the bottom of your page for inspiration and guidance. FounderU provides tons of articles about Selz and selling online, as well as featuring awesome sellers like you. 


Question? Live chat with us anytime by clicking on the small purple icon in the bottom right of your screen. 

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