Selz Setup Checklist

So you're just getting started with Selz and you want a little guidance on what to do. Here is a simple checklist along with linked articles. 

Sign in or sign up

  • Create an account with Selz or log in to get started here.

Speak to an expert

Book a 15-minute personal Set-up Session with one of our Selz experts. It's 100% free, no strings attached. Just choose the time and date that works for you and we'll call you to help you get started. 

*This service is presently only available to customers in USA, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand.

Add your products

Now it's time to add some things to sell. Go here and then follow the steps in the linked articles to learn more.

How will you be selling?

  • Selling with an online Selz store
    • Learn how to pick out a theme here
    • Watch some videos to get started here
  • Selling on an existing site or blog using Selz
    • Check out how to sell on popular sites like WordPress and Squarespace here
  • Selling on social media
    • Learn how to add a store to Facebook here

Store setup and customization

  • Install a theme, then watch the store builder video to learn about content blocks
  • Add some content like videos, text, images using content blocks in the Selz store builder 
  • Add a banner image or image carousel
  • Add your logo to the top navigation on your site and customize your store colors, pages, and buttons 

Buttons and widgets


You will want to take a look at the settings tab to make adjustments to things like email receipts, shipping, and taxes.

Enable Payments

Now you need to add a payment gateway. We recommend adding Selz Pay for credit card processing and PayPal as an extra option for your customers. Go here and then follow the links below to learn more.

Check out the app store

It's time to think about automating parts of your business to streamline things like shipping labels, newsletters, notifications and so much more. Go to the app store and then follow the links below.

  • Get started with Zapier, a web automation app that allows you to automate parts of your business or life. With over 700 apps, it allows you to connect your Selz account with a wide range of other services.
  • Learn how to connect MailChimp to your store here

Pick out a plan

Once you get your store looking just how you want, pick out a plan so that you keep all of your awesome features after your 14-day trial. 

  • Follow this link to see the plan features and pricing

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