Why am I not seeing PayPal as a payment option in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

A potential issue has been identified with PayPal payments that are processed using the internal browser of the following apps:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

When does this occur?

The error occurs when a buyer attempts to purchase an item, selects Paypal as the gateway in the above-listed apps while on an IOS device. This is due to PayPal’s restrictions on mobile features.


To help avoid confusion, we have temporarily disabled PayPal as a payment option for customers purchasing via those three applications. This limitation is specific to those who are on an iPhone and are purchasing from a link on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, they can still pay using PayPal if they use their device’s regular mobile browser or on a computer.

Our team is already working with PayPal for a resolution as soon as possible. 

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