Connecting a GoDaddy Domain to your store

To begin, you should already have a domain registered and active with GoDaddy. Once you have gone through the process, you must leave it registered with GoDaddy to keep it connected to your store. If you do not have a custom domain and would like one, check out this article.

If you are on one of our paid plans, your store automatically comes with the Custom Domain feature and you can add your custom domain by going to Settings > Store > Domain > Manage.

  • After selecting ‘Manage’ choose the option to add an Existing domain. Here you will see similar instructions to the one in this article. 
  • Continue reading for the steps you need to take within GoDaddy

Step 1 - Log into GoDaddy

  1. Go to GoDaddy and log into your account
  2. Now click Domains > Manage
  3. Locate the domain you'd like to connect, click the gear icon and choose Manage DNS

Step 2 - Configure DNS records

You'll need to set up a DNS record to point to your store. It’s not too complicated but if you have any questions, reach out to GoDaddy and send them this article.

There are two options to set this up:

Option 1: Root domain e.g.

If you want to use the domain just for your store, you need to create or edit your DNS records: 

Option 1 - Root domain e.g.

If you want to use the domain just for your store, you need to create two DNS records:

  • Create two  A records and point it to and

Both of these records are required. Your store will be accessible via both '' and ''

Option 2 - Subdomain e.g.

  • Create a single CNAME DNS record and point it to

Your store will only be accessible via ''

Step 3 - Store settings

Go to Settings > Store > Domain and enter your domain - from the examples above, either or Then 'Save'. 

DNS changes may take up to 48-72 hours to take effect, although it's normally a lot faster than that. Check back in a day to see if everything is set up correctly.

Still having trouble?

Get in touch with your registrar and make sure the redirect has been set up correctly. If needed, send them this support article.

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