Theme HTML

When developing themes for Selz, you must use the HTML5 syntax for markup. This means self-closing elements do not need the trailing slash amongst many other coding standards. For more info check the HTML5 specs.

As with your LESS, SASS and JavaScript, your code should be well presented and easily readable. This means adequate white space and tabbing so the code is nicely formatted.

Required Tags

Your theme's layout(s) should include {{ selz_head }} immediately before the closing </head> for the theme stylesheets to be rendered and {% selz_footer %}{% endselz_footer %} immediately before the closing </body> tag for required JavaScript.

Markup Limitations

Some of the markup rendered within the themes is fixed and cannot be changed at this point until we develop APIs to allow access to the data. These include:

  • {{ mini_cart }} - The cart summary display
  • {{ purchase_form }} - The item purchase form displayed on an item detail
  • Apps - more info can be found in Themes & Apps
Check out @mdo's Code Guide for some guidance on writing good HTML and CSS

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