Selz Affiliate Program FAQ

Earn industry-leading commissions and help your network sell more online by introducing them to Selz.

That's the Selz Affiliate Program. 

How does it work?

When you join the program we give you a unique referral URL. Like this one:-

You can put the URL wherever you like on your blog, website, social channels or in an email. In your Affiliate Dashboard, you will find a whole range of cool banners you can use on your website or blog which connects to your referral link.

When a new user signs up to Selz through your referral link, you earn a portion of the revenue that the user generates.

How much do I earn?

For every user, you refer that purchases a paid plan (Basic, Standard or Advanced) we pay you 200% of the monthly plan.*

For example, if you refer a user who purchases an Advanced Plan costing $179 per month, then we pay you 200% x $179 = $358.

If someone signs up for a yearly plan, we pay 25% of that price.*

How and when do I get paid?

You get paid at the end of the month that we get paid. So, if your referral pays us on the 15th of January, we will pay you 100% of that payment at the end of January. If they pay us again in February, we will pay you 100% of that amount at the end of February, etc. Those two payments, totaling 200% of the plan price, are your commission payment.

We pay you in USD to your nominated PayPal account.

Are there any country restrictions?

No. You can earn money as a Selz Affiliate anywhere in the world. All you need is a valid PayPal account. We make all payments in USD.

Is the amount I can earn as an affiliate capped?

There are no caps on your commission payments.

If a user signs up for a trial and then upgrades to a paid plan, do I earn a commission?

Yes. If one of your referrals signs up for a trial they will show in your Affiliate Dashboard (TBC) but there is no commission payable.

But when they upgrade to a paid plan a commission will be payable to you and this will show on your Affiliate Dashboard.

How do I track my referrals and payments?

When you join the program we will enable the Affiliate Dashboard on your Selz account. You simply sign in to your Selz account and go to the Selz Affiliate Dashboard link.

Here you can see all your referrals, their status and the payments that have been made to you.

Are there any tools or guides I can use to help me promote Selz?

You bet. We provide a range of banners and useful suggestions to help you make referrals on the web and through your social channels.

You can find all of the graphics in your Tapfiliate dashboard and more tips in our Best Practices Guide.

How do I become a Selz Affiliate?

You can sign up to become an affiliate here and you can review the Terms and Conditions for our affiliate program here.

*All affiliates payments are paid out after discounts and coupons are applied.

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