Abandoned Cart

You must be on a paid plan to use this feature.

With Abandoned Cart emails, you can:

  • Recover lost sales and generate more revenue
  • Automatically contact customers to remind them to complete their purchase
  • Fully customize your email templates
  • Include a discount code to entice buyers to come back

Customizing Abandoned Cart Emails

  • Log into your account
  • From your left navigation, click on Settings > Emails > Abandoned Cart 
  • Here you will see two options: Initial and Follow-Up. The Initial email is the first email we will automatically send your customer, depending on the email delay you set. Your Follow-Up email is the second, and last, email a customer will receive.

  • You can send a test email to yourself by clicking on 'Send Test'

Accepts Marketing

In some territories, it is important to collect consent from anyone to whom you are sending marketing emails such as Abandoned Cart emails. If you want to collect consent from people before sending Abandoned Cart emails you can switch on the "Accepts Marketing" option. If you turn on this option:

  • Customers who abandon their cart and accept to receive promotional material and abandoned cart emails during checkout will receive a follow-up email as set by you. You can change the frequency or text in your emails at any time by coming back to your email settings.
  • Head over to the Settings > Checkout and scroll down to turn on the 'Marketing enabled' option
  • Customize your marketing text if you like and click 'Save'
  • If you do not turn on this option, customers who abandon their cart can still receive marketing emails, however, you will not be collecting consent

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