Accepts Marketing Option

Customers can choose to receive marketing material from you. Those that choose this option are marked as Accepts Marketing. You can email them with store updates, newsletters, and discounts. This feature also needs to be enabled if you plan on using the abandoned cart emails. This will help to ensure that your store is GDPR compliant.

Once enabled within the checkout, customers can choose to receive marketing material by checking a checkbox.

Get started

Within Settings > Checkout enable 'Accepts Marketing'.

Once enabled, the text that is displayed on the checkbox within the checkout is displayed. This can be edited and formatted so you can create bold sections and insert links. Click 'Save'.

Checkout flow

Within the checkout, the customer will be asked whether they would like to receive marketing material.

Customer list

When a customer chooses to accept marketing then this will be indicated within the customer list.

You can also filter by just those customers who have accepted marketing.

Customer export / API / Zapier / Email apps

The accepts marketing flag is visible within the customer export, API, and Zapier.

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