Can I use affiliates to sell my products?

There are two types of affiliate programs:

  1. You, the Selz merchant, introduce new users to Selz and earn a commission in return. This is called the Selz Affiliate Program and you can learn more about it with our Selz Affiliate Program FAQs.
  2. You, the Selz merchant, use affiliates to sell your own products and services. Right now, Selz does not have an affiliate program for merchants, although one is under development.

A simple Selz affiliate workaround

If you have one or two products and would like a simple workaround for the second scenario here's what you can do:

Create several identical products with identifiable names (e.g. eBook: How To Draw - via Jeff; eBook: How to Draw - via Jessica), one for each affiliate. Give each affiliate the link to their unique listing and/or the embed code for each listing and they can share the listing with their followers. It would then be up to you as the seller to manually organize payment.

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