How to set up manual shipping rates

This feature is available for users on all paid plans.

There are many ways you can easily create a great shipping experience for your customers. 


We'll contact your connected shipping carriers to obtain rates. If rates are not available the order will not be processed. See our guide for configuring real-time rates.

Important! This option is only applicable to users on our Advanced Plan who have access to real-time rates.

Real-time & Manual rates

We'll contact your connected shipping carriers to obtain rates. If rates are not available from the carriers we'll use the manual rates that have been configured for that country.

Manual rates

We'll use your manual rates for all orders shipping to this country.

This article will show you how to set manual shopping rates.

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Shipping video

Ways to ship

Check out this video to learn more about shipping

Ways to ship

  • Create dynamic shipping rates depending on quantity, value, and weight
  • Create weight-based shipping rates on a per-item basis
  • Set rates for special delivery options e.g. Standard, Overnight, Priority
  • Enable or disable shipping to specific countries
  • Offer free shipping for individual items

How to set up manual shipping rates

1. Click on Settings > Shipping.

2. Click Enable Shipping, then choose your weight unit, add the countries you need to ship to

3. Click Save

4. Click Edit to the right of each chosen country to get to the country settings page

There, you need to configure how rates are calculated for each country that you ship to.

5. Under Calculations, scroll to Manual rates only or Real-time & Manual rates to customize shipping options on a country-by-country basis based on value, weight, and quantity

Next, you need to add services for each country. 

6. Click Add service to create special shipping options like Priority, Overnight, or Express shipping. 

7. Add the description and price

8. Click Save

State surcharges

State surcharges are also available for some countries (United States, Canada, and Australia).

You can apply these to any orders shipping to your chosen State by following these directions

1. From the main shipping page, click  Edit to the right of United States to get to the country settings page

2. Click on Add surcharge

3. Choose the state

4. Add the price 

5. Click Save

Variable shipping

Variable shipping is set for all physical items in your store. 

If you have selected weight-based calculations you need to add the weight to each of your items. 

You can edit your current physical products from Items > Options > Edit on each individual product listing.

Your variable shipping rates will now be applied during checkout:

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