Add Terms and Conditions to your checkout

Getting Started:

  1. Go to Settings > Checkout and click on the Options tab
  2. Enable the T&Cs option

How your customers will agree to the T&C's

You can choose whether customers choose to accept your terms and conditions via two methods:

  • Checkbox: Customers have to select the Terms and Conditions checkbox before the order can be processed
  • Completing purchase: By completing the purchase the customer is accepting the Terms and Conditions

T&C's text

This is the text displayed during the Terms and Conditions exchange.

  1. Checkbox: Displayed next to the terms and conditions checkbox
  2. Completing purchase: Displayed during the purchase process

Format the wording:

The statement can be customized as required with the default being "I agree to [your store name]'s terms and conditions."

Add a link:

The text can also be formatted with bold and links.

To add a link, simply select the link icon and choose to insert a link and then enter the details for the link.

  • URL: The URL that the link should direct to
  • Text: The text that will be displayed for the link
  • Open in new tab: This opens the link in a new tab. It is suggested that this is enabled so the purchase process is not interrupted

Once inserted the customer can link to your Terms and Conditions whilst completing their purchase.

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