How do I know if I sold an item through the platform?

Each time an item is sold from your store, you as the seller receive an email which includes:

  • buyer name
  • order ID number
  • order date
  • product name
  • order amount
  • shipping address (if the item is physical)

When should I expect an email?

We only send an email to a seller for orders which have been processed successfully and only if email notifications are enabled. If an email ends up in your inbox, you can be confident we successfully processed the buyer's payment. This is also the time a seller can arrange for shipping or pickup.

If email notifications are turned off, you will find all current orders by logging into your account and clicking on Orders.

What does the buyer receive post-purchase?

Your buyer receives a similar email confirming their purchase, including a button to download any digital files that are part of your item.

How can I manage what emails I receive?

If receiving an email for each item sold isn't necessary, feel free to toggle on and off the emails that you wish to receive in the Settings > Notifications section. When everything looks as you wish, click Save.

I didn't receive an order confirmation email. Where is it?

The dashboard always alerts a seller to new sales under the 'Orders' tab. If you see a new sale in your dashboard and you didn't receive an email, take a look in your Spam, Promotion, or Trash folders within your email client. Be sure to add to your whitelisted emails, too.

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