Selling on Facebook

There are three ways to sell on Facebook using Selz:

  1. Linking a 'Shop' button to your page
  2. Sharing posts
  3. Selz Facebook Store app (not available for mobile devices and you must have at least 2,000 followers on you FB business page)

1. Add a 'Shop Now' button

This is a great option if you want your buyers to go to your beautiful Selz store directly.

  • Click 'Add a button' on your Facebook business page

  • Add the URL for your Selz store and you are done!

  • The button will look like this:

3. Sharing posts

You can sell on Facebook using a shared post that appears on the timeline. Potential customers can click on a post and purchase without leaving your Facebook page.

Please note that products can be automatically shared on your Facebook page and not your personal Facebook account.

Set this up by going to  Settings > Sharing. From there, choose Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest, and connect your accounts.

4. Selz Facebook Store app (Not available to mobile users)

The Free Facebook store app makes adding a store to your Facebook page very easy, the downside to using this method is that due to Facebook restrictions the shop is not able to be viewed on mobile devices. Please also note that due to a new Facebook restriction (2018) all business pages must have at least 2,000 followers to use the app.

Using the free Selz Facebook store means you never have to worry about keeping your Facebook store up to date. It’s automatically updated every time you make a change to one of your products in your Selz account. Managing your inventory couldn’t be easier as every sale, no matter where reduces the stock available meaning your Facebook store is always up to date.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sign into your Selz account
  2. Click on Facebook in your navigation panel (make sure you are signed into the Facebook account that admins your Facebook business page)
  3. Click on the button that reads Add your store to your page
  4. Click through the prompts on the next page
  5. On the drop-down menu, choose the Facebook business page you wan to add the store to and click Add Page Tab

  • Your Facebook business page is now armed with a ‘Store’ tab, which can be seen on the left panel of your Facebook business page and on your Facebook business page menu.

  • A ‘Store’ menu item is also available on your Facebook business page menu under the cover image.

  • Your menu items can always be managed and rearranged by clicking on the More on the right side of your menu and clicking on Manage Tabs. We recommend moving your Selz Store tab next to your ‘About’ tab as seen above.

6. You are done! Your customers can now purchase directly from Facebook by clicking on either the ‘Store’ tab on the left panel or from the Store menu item below the cover image.

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