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When you connect your online store to the new Facebook Shop, Facebook creates a mobile-friendly section on your Facebook business page that displays your products. The Facebook Shop can be viewed on desktop, mobile, tablets as well as the Facebook app. 

Once added, we will automatically sync all of your product information to keep your product inventory up to date without any additional effort from you! 

All orders from Facebook are still managed from your dashboard.

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Getting Started with the Facebook Shop app

To begin selling your products on Facebook, you will need to make sure of the following:

When you have made sure of the above, move on to the next steps to connect your Facebook shop.

Connecting your online store to Facebook

If you already have an existing Shop section on your Facebook business page, the products there will be deleted and replaced with the new products in your online store. So make sure you are happy to remove those items before proceeding.

1. Go to the dashboard and click MarketplacesFacebook from the left navigation

2. Click Connect to be taken to the Facebook Ads Extension modal.

3. Click Business Manager to create your Business Manager account, which you can learn about here

4. If you have created an Ad Account, select it under the Ad Account option. 

5. Under the Catalog option, you can create your catalog, which will control what is listed and synchronized between your store and Facebook shop.  

6. Click Facebook Page to select your Facebook business page from a selection or click Create a Page to make a brand new business page. The page you select here will also be the page that represents your business if you plan on using Facebook ads. Be sure that you are logged in to the Facebook account that manages your business page

7. Choose your Facebook Pixel by selecting the Facebook Pixel option. If you haven't created a pixel for this account, there will be an option to accept a generated pixel at this stage. 

8. Click Continue. Now, you can decide if you want to display your entire shop or if you simply want to create a catalog of products that you can feature in Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads & Catalogs

You will need a Facebook ad account to promote items from your catalog across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. Create an ad account now.

What is a catalog? 

A catalog contains info for all products that you would like to advertise in your Facebook ads. You can use a catalog with multiple Facebook ad types and formats, including dynamic ads and the collection ad format


  • Keep track of all of your products and use them seamlessly with your ads in one place
  • Create targeted ads to customers who have already shown interest in your business through dynamic ads
  • Share your product inventory to people on mobile devices through collection ads
  • What is a product set?

    A product set is a grouping of related products in a catalog. With product sets, you have more control over the specific items in your catalog that show up in your ads. One catalog can have many different product sets. Learn more about setting up a product set.

    Getting Started with Catalogs

    When you add products to your online store, they will be added to your existing catalog on Facebook. 

    You'll be able to group them into product sets for more control over what appears in your ads and the pixel on your site will help show the right products to people who want to buy them. 

    Locate your product catalog by clicking here and then check out Facebook's article for help along the way. Since you have added your products using our direct integration, you will not be required to provide an additional data feed or to add any products manually.

    Updating your Facebook Shop

    If you need to edit your settings, update your connection or remove your Facebook shop, you can do so by clicking Marketplaces Facebook from your dashboard. 

    Now you can click Update to change your settings, or click Disconnect to remove the connection.

    Share posts

    You can also sell on Facebook using a shared post that appears on your timeline. Please note that products can be automatically shared on your Facebook Business page and not your personal Facebook account.

    Set this up by going to  Settings > Sharing. From there, choose Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest, and connect your accounts.

    Start selling on Facebook today with a free trial!

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