Customize Buttons, Widgets and Store

Get started

To access the button and widget editor select Buttons & Widgets from the main menu.


What would you like to embed? You have the following options:

  • Button
  • Widget
  • Store
  • Store buttonCustomize

Next, you can fully customize how you would like to display your Button, Widget or Store. Options vary depending upon the type chosen.Colors

Options vary depending upon the type chosen. You can choose the button colors, text colors, and check out colors.


Options vary depending upon the type chosen. For example, you can choose a different button style or resize a widget. You can also enable/disable payments logos.


You can customize the text for your button or widget.


You can select the product you wish to sell for the button or widget.


Choose how your button or widget behaves. You can choose to display the item within a modal or new tab. Express checkout can also be enabled to skip the item detail page.


  • Logo - Here you have the ability to upload and change your logo.
  • Store name - Add and update your store name.
  • Landscape, Share, SKU, Quantity etc - Allows you to customize the appearance of your item detail pages.

Save to defaults

Allows you to set the default colors, text, behavior etc for your buttons, widgets, and store. Next time you load up the editor these will be set by default.

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