Sell on Webflow

If you’re using Webflow to build a website but want the simplicity of our platform for selling and managing your products – no problem. Here’s how to do it.

Adding Products to Webflow with standard styling

To add a product from your inventory to your Webflow site you need the Embed feature enabled on your Webflow site:-

1. In Webflow, select Add Element

2. Then select Embed

3. Now you just paste the embed code for that item into the embed window in Webflow:

This will give you a Buy Button or Item Widget as you've styled it in the editor e.g. something like this:

Using your own Styling

If you want to use your local styling for embedded products you need to add some custom code to your site or page. Here's the Webflow support article containing more information on custom code.

1. In Webflow, select Site Settings OR

Within the Webflow site editor select:  Page settings

2. Within the body code section, you need to paste in some custom code (if you want the full jQuery details you find them here). Just copy and paste the code below into the body code box, we've included two options:

Display the item detail page first:

[prism key="jquery-plugin-squarespace" language="markup"]

Fast checkout option:

[prism key="jquery-plugin-squarespace - fastcheckout" language="markup"]

Click  Save and close

3. Next, you need to copy the URL for your item.

Go to your dashboard. Select  Items and Options for the item you want to sell. Copy the code from the right-hand panel

4. Go back to WebFlow and add a  Button to your page. Once the button is added select to add a link and paste in your item URL.5. Publish your site and this will display the item checkout modal when your button is selected.

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