Sell on a site using the Selz eCommerce Plugin

The Selz Wordpress eCommerce plugin lets you easily add Selz ‘buy now’ buttons, widgets, and your own store to your site. The best part is that you don't need to deal with any coding, so you can start selling products online or digital downloads from your Wordpress site in minutes.

Watch this quick video to get started:

Selz Wordpress eCommerce features:

  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use. No integration or programming needed
  • Automated Digital File Delivery (excellent for ebooks, tutorials, and digital guides)

How to use the Selz Wordpress eCommerce Plugin

  1. Install the plugin either by downloading it here, or within the plugins section of your WordPress dashboard (search for 'Selz'). Once installed, activate the Selz plugin.
  2. Click on the Selz button in your visual editor and choose if you’d like to embed one of the following:
    • A ‘Buy Now’ button
    • A widget that includes your product description and image
    • Your entire store, so your customers can see all your product offerings in one place on your site.
  3. If you're adding a button, add the link to your item, then choose the button style or any payment logos to display underneath. Pick which style of buyer interaction you’d prefer - choose ‘overlay’ if you'd like buyers to stay on the page to make the purchase, or you can allow them to be taken to a New Tab. Then choose your button colors and click on ‘Add Shortcode’.
  4. It’s the same process to add a Widget. Add your link, then make your choices about the widget’s appearance.
  5. To embed your whole store, add your store URL, make your color choices, and add the shortcode.

Button and widget code

Alternatively, you can copy the embed code for your button or widget and add it to your Wordpress page using this guide.

*If for some reason this doesn't work for you, you might be using a site. Click here for additional instructions.

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