Sell on Tumblr using Selz

Adding a customized Selz store to your Tumblr blog is simple. All you need to do is create a Store on Selz, and then create a link on your Tumblr site for a seamless experience.

1. Create a Selz store

First, you’ll need to create a store in Selz. Go here and sign up. Check out this article for more detailed steps to getting set up with your store.

2. Customize the look of your store

Click on Store > Themes and choose one of the available themes for your store. Click here for help customizing your store.

3. Link back to your Selz store

  • Grab the URL for your store by going to your Selz dashboard and clicking  Store > Settings > Domain. Your free Selz domain follows this format: unless you set up a custom domain.
  • Next, head over to your Tumblr blog to create a link on your homepage back to your Selz store. How you do this will depend on the theme that you use, but generally you'll be able to click on Edit Theme or Customize and then find the Add a page option.

On the following screen, select Redirect from the drop-down and paste the URL to your Selz store. 

You will not have this option unless you are an active Tumblr user, meaning that you need to be actively following and engaging in the Tumblr community.

And you're done! A link to your store will appear on your homepage and your buyers will be able to jump to your store with ease.

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