Using the text block

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allows you to style text whilst previewing how it will appear when displayed. Standard features such as bold, italics, text alignment, links and lists are available within this block.

Header Text

Some content blocks come with an additional option for header text. Enable this feature to add some text just above your uploaded content without even having to drag an extra text block to your page.

 You can also embed the following external media currently:

  • YouTube (video)
  • Vimeo (video)
  • Flickr (image)
  • Instagram (image)
  • Soundcloud (rich)
  • Kickstarter (video)
  • Speakerdeck (rich)
  • Photobucket (image)
  • Slideshare (rich)
  • Scribd (rich)
  • Rdio (rich)
  • Mixcloud (rich)
  • Animoto (rich)
  • Screenr (rich)
  • Revision3 (rich)

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