Changing the font used in your Selz store

Changing the font in your Selz store is a simple customization option available within any of our paid plans.

Once you've chosen your theme, go to your dashboard and click Store > Customize > Under Typography, you can choose up to three different fonts for the following categories:Typography

  • Body
  • Headings
  • Accent

Choose the default size and weight (thickness) for each font as well and don't forget to click Update once you're done making all the changes!

You can now use any of these three fonts that you selected throughout your Selz store. Simply add a text block and click the 'font' option within the block to see the drop-down list.

You can even add multiple fonts in each text block. So go add some awesome content to your store and spruce up the look with three great fonts that match your brand!

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