Using themes

This feature is available for users on all paid plans.

Themes make it a snap to create a stylish, modern store. Check out this video and follow the instructions below to get started: 

Here's how it works:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on Themes
  3. Click the Demo button by hovering over your theme of choice to see a demo store
  4. If you're ready to customize the theme, click on Choose or Customize
  5. To preview a theme with all of your existing products, choose the Preview in your store option

  • In the Store Builder, you can customize to your heart's content

Important terms

Some terms and definitions you'll encounter while using the Selz store builder.

  • Choose - Selecting this option will install a theme, and you can later switch between and customize installed themes under Store > Installed Themes
  • Publish - The publish option will make the currently selected theme live as your digital storefront. 
  • Customize - Customize will take you into the Theme Editor for that theme, and you can also access this from Store > Customize
  • Demo - Demoing a theme gives you a preview of how your store will look with this theme installed. 
  • Update - When we've added new features or updated the code of a theme for security and customization, you will be given the option to update the theme of your store. It's a one-click process that will appear in a dropdown banner when you're customizing a theme with an update. 

For Developers

If you want to tweak the code and customize a theme even further, go to Store > Installed Themes and read more about editing a theme.

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