Restoring Default Theme Settings

Do you want to redesign your entire website? Are you in the middle of customizing your store and have decided to start over? Not a problem! You can restore your theme to its default settings at any time. 

Here are the steps to reset your theme:

  • Go to your store editor: Channels > Store > Customize
  • Choose Design > Styles
  • Scroll down and click 'Restore default settings'
  • Be sure to think about it before you click Yes.

Switching Themes

If you decide to switch your theme entirely, you will be prompted to reset your store content. Only select this option if you would like your store's content to be replaced with placeholder images and all block settings to be reset. 

Content Blocks

Content blocks can be reset at any time by navigating to the Store BuilderBlocks and clicking 'Reset Blocks.' This will reset all store blocks and their content to the theme placeholders from your currently active theme.

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