SEO Additions for your Store

What good is an awesome store if nobody can find it? While it can take a lot of persistence to show at the top of Google’s search results, every little bit helps. Luckily, all stores can be optimized even further, helping your search result visibility.


Each of your products is armed with an SEO-ready section if you are on a paid plan. 
While editing your item listing, the SEO tab is located at the top of the page. You’ll want to add SEO specific keywords to each item listing in your store. You can add a page title and a meta description (this can be different to the product description)


Your categories can also be optimized for SEO. From your Selz dashboard click on Categories. Each category can have SEO specific keywords added. The name and description should be something SEO friendly and then all you have to do ischeck the box for 'Use for page title' and 'Use for meta description.' SEO can be added to every item listing and category as it's created, saving time and simplifying the process.

Adding a meta description to your Selz Store

 Meta descriptions are essentially your sales pitch – they are what displays in search engine results under your search results.

  1. Go to your Dashboard > Store > Store Editor
  2. Next, click on the Pages & Menus tab
  3.  Click the settings (gear) icon for the Home page and choose Settings4. You can set the Title and Description for your Home page here.Make sure you use search friendly terms that accurately describe your products and store and are likely to be in used in a search by a potential customer. Save your changes and you’re done!

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