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We offer a powerful and easy way to sell digital products including eBooks, software, programs, video tutorials, music, and photos. We take care of the hosting of your digital product, including the digital delivery to your buyer post-purchase at no extra cost. 

Let’s start with some of our most frequently asked questions.

What type of files can I sell?

Can I add custom messages or instructions?

What size files can I sell?

How many files can I sell?

How is my digital product delivered to my buyer?

Where do buyers download my files from?

What type of files can I sell?

We allow the sale of most file types. If you want to sell a product file type not included, send us an email with your file type request and we may be able to add it for you.

Can I add custom messages or instructions?

Yes, you can add helpful links, live sessions, and much more!

From the dashboard, navigate to  Items > All > Add Item > Digital. Once you've done that you can add a link to the pictured field:

This message/instructions will be displayed for your customers both at checkout and in the receipt after they purchase a product.  

What size files can I sell?

You can add up to 50 files at 15GB per file within the item listing. Read more about multi-file products below.

How many files can I sell?

If you use one of our monthly plans, your store can have unlimited products at no extra cost.

If you want to offer a multi-file digital product, such as a digital course with different file types, your item can have up to 50 files - 15GB and under. For example, you can have one product with up to 50 files as long as those files are each under 15GB.

How can I add multiple files to a product listing?

When creating your item, add all your files to the  Files to sell or stream at the top of the page, then click Save.

Choose the settings for your individual files. You can choose streaming or download options for MP4 files and you will also have the option to watermark with the buyer's details for PDFs.

What if I want my product listing to have more than 50 files?

The best way around our 50 item limit is by placing your items into a ZIP file and uploading your ZIP folder as the sole file of your item. Be sure to include directions for your buyers on how to unzip and download this type of file.

How is my digital product delivered to my buyer?

When a buyer completes their purchase for a digital product, they will see a download page at the end of the checkout process, including their order confirmation number, the product purchased, and a download button.

From this page, they can download all the files to Dropbox, download them separately and stream videos at their leisure.

The buyer also receives an order confirmation email, including the order confirmation receipt and link to download the product.

Where do buyers download my files from?

A buyer downloads from a content delivery network (CDN) to increase download speed. A CDN is an interconnected system of cache servers that use geographical proximity as criteria for delivering web content.

This means, for example, instead of downloading a file from a server far away in the US if a buyer lives in the UK, the file can be downloaded from a server closer to where they're located.

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