Selling or renting videos

Selling or renting videos is simple on our platform: you can sell your videos as downloads or you can rent them with our streaming option. 

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Video file sizes and types

Video file sizes and types

You can upload up to 50 files with a maximum of 15GB per file. 

We accept most file types for downloads and MP4 files for streaming.

Download and streaming limits for video

You have complete control over how many downloads your customers have, or how many times they are able to watch your video.

The same applies if you are streaming (renting) videos. You might want to limit your customers to a fixed number of times they can watch or a fixed number of days for each rental. 

How to add a video product

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on Items > All > Add item 
  3. Choose Digital to create your video product listing
  4. Add your video that you want to sell or stream. Important! All streaming files must be MP4s
  5. Use the drop-down menu to choose if you’d like to offer either streaming or download, or you can offer both
  6. Add your product title and description
  7. Add your video preview or image. If you're adding a video preview you can choose to either upload a video file or embed it from YouTube or Vimeo.
  8. Click Save

Share your video

There are multiple options to share and sell your video directly from your current website, blog and social media platforms.

If you want to share your product on social media

  1. Go to the left nav in your dashboard, then to Settings > Sharing and confirm that your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest account is connected
  2. Head back to your Items list, and click the  on the far right of your product and scroll down to Share

  3. Select which social media networks to want to share to, write something to go with your post, and click Share
  4. Your product will show up as a post, tweet or pin, and will be available for purchase through the link you’ve provided

If you want to embed your product on an existing website or blog

Read this article to learn about buttons and widgets.

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